Our Project Qualifications, including the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) are stand-alone qualifications that help students develop broader study skills, offering a route into further and higher education and employment. They are flexible and can be easily integrated to enrich your curriculum. Together, they offer students a way of acquiring sophisticated study skills and a route into Higher Education and employment.

There are three levels of project qualifications:

  • Level 1 Foundation
  • Level 2 Higher
  • Level 3 Extended. 

Project qualifications are a compulsory element of the AQA Bacc.

What do Project Qualifications involve?

Projects are student-driven qualifications, giving them the freedom and responsibility to select topics and projects they are interested in.

When completing a project qualification, students follow a clearly structured process: they plan, research their topic and create a product. The product of their project can be in one of three formats:

  • a research-based written report
  • a production* (eg charity event, fashion show, sports event etc)
  • an artefact* (eg a piece of art, a computer game, a realised design).

*supported by a written report.

This work is all recorded in their Production Log and, finally, students deliver a presentation.

During the process, they develop as independent, reflective learners and acquire knowledge and transferable skills that are invaluable for further study and the workplace.

Students are assessed on the product of their project and on the process itself.

Email us with your name, email address and school details to tell us you're planning to offer the Project Qualifications and we will allocate you a named Project Adviser and provide you with ongoing support and resources.