Entry fees

We aim to provide market-leading specifications and first class support services that are excellent value for money.

As an independent charity, any money we make through providing qualifications gets invested back into education and enables us to develop and offer a broad a range of qualifications. It also funds other educational services, such as assessment research, and our Unlocking Potential mentoring scheme for young people.

As well as paying for our assessment services, exam fees enable us to offer a comprehensive support and training package for teachers, and opportunities for professional development (CPD). We are also investing in the quality of our examining teams by enhancing our support and training.

Our overall aim is to keep our prices competitive, while taking account of the changes to the exam system which are leading to increased costs and fewer entries in some qualifications.

As a result, we have continued to set higher fees for some subjects – for example, those with comparatively low entry levels or higher delivery costs. This approach helps us continue offering schools and colleges as wide a choice of subjects as possible and secure the future of our qualifications.

To reflect the decrease in entries for AS qualifications and ensure ours remain accessible, we have spread our June 2018 fee increases across the full suite of AS and A-level qualifications. We have also needed to take into account the increased delivery costs associated with new A-levels.

In order to maintain the quality and standards across our GCSE qualifications, we have taken the same approach and applied a fee increase across the full suite for June 2018. However, for a small number of subjects with higher delivery costs, we have needed to apply a higher fee increase.